Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Obrigado por ser meu amor

When you love a fool
Summer finds you sleeping in winter
So tied up in slumber 
The universe swiftly shifts
The ropes break 
And the heat burns 
Down into your limbs
Rubbery you become 
Glued to the bed by 
Trails of salty yelps
Quietly missing the fool
As he prances around 
Multicolored as a strobe light 
Thrusting before yours eyes
His eyes jiggle and his tongue rolls 
Another behind he throbs
While the foolish lie
Deluded by whispers
On lines no one can witness
When you love a fool
You turn to ash
As he rises 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Reading Flyers 5/6/2012

I demand,
Not ask,
I seek,
Yet, denied all that I find.

I am not small,
Neither fragile nor coy,
I am in the front line,
Feral protecting mine,
I demand,
Not ask,
Only because I am mistaken,
For lack of a better term…

Varied genes lost in translation?
Is it nurture vs. nature?
That I blame your mother,
Villain you have become,
The father of diverse seeds planted,
Embedded with psychosocial issues,
Only you could control,
I demand, yet, for them I have to ask;
To make peace between us

I demand you stay in my bed;
Stop wandering aimlessly in others,
In other people’s homes,
You chase the thrill of getting caught,
Or is it drinking from the fountain of youth you seek?
A whisper said, ‘to rejuvenate your waning ‘love’
    Your mind evokes pointed breasts,
As mine wave at my oblong valley below,
You stray,
No, I demand and not ask,
That you do by me what you vowed,
I expect no less.

I demand and not ask,
As my mother drags us through,
Another one of your riots,
That you lay your hands off her,
I do not want to see,
As my mother conceals pain with powder;
That my uncle’s and cousin’s,
Do not find me prey,
That the senseless street vendors do not take my rebellion;
As a sign of vulnerability,
That they undress me publicly,
Shame me,
For I am proud, of who I represent

I demand and not ask
Not to be traditionally mutilated or socially labeled,
For what is natural to me;
My hair, my skin, my ass, my teeth; am I single?
My education is not my pitfall,
Why would you make one feel so?
And yet you bask in your accolades!
I demand you know,
That we are all prototypes,
Get over your ego!

I demand that you do not marginalize me,
With sugar coated policies,
Sat comfortably in conference chairs amongst your kind,
Chuckling at jokes about that strong headed woman,
I am, I own it!
Are you aware of who you are?

I demand not ask
That you take interest
Listen and do not judge.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Something and Nothing

You and I have something good, it's something that I hold on to, something that I can count on and rely, it's something that has value. 

I have no flowery words to make you think of spring nor the flare to sit with goddesses. Nor as a wanderer do I want you to follow, nor change your course.
 I do,
I do want to watch you rise, magnify your every leap, catch the sunshine on your face and maybe one day I could make you smile, one day I would not have to wait. 

Mostly, I wonder,
if your past is so overwhelming that the present is on the side lines waiting to be noticed?
I wonder if you will ever be as happy with me as I am with you? 

Yet, there are so many shoulders, so many chapters that you look over.
So many things that are loosely knotted that in essence this latch, I have, will always be on hold.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hot Springs

Sitting in a hotel lobby
She reads to rid the frustration
Of lust unconquered
Lust unappreciated 

Quiet and cold 
She pretends she is not there
Eyes slowly peeling the page
Words blurred and swirled 
She concentrates harder 

A couple stirs her way
Agitated she looks up in a huff 
Imagining where else she would rather be
She doesn't deserve this shit

Tick tick the old clock goes
Colder the emotions get
No end in sight
Her eyes wander across the languid room 
Ornament filled with decadence 
Lost in an era of want
How could this have been a great idea?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014



It's almost over now
One more pull
Smoke curls up 
These bright things swoosh past 
Shooting stars below

It's almost done now
Strangers in gaze 
As lights rotate colors 
And dance up ahead 

Nearly there now 
They push and shove 
Throwing coins at Buddha 
As He, will bless them 
Crooks, chinks, apes all alike 
Sat in this monsters belly 
Hearing the crackling from theirs mouths 
As a familiar stench wafts about 
Two more or is it four stops 
I can not tell

These heathen roads do not take me home  

Solange- Under Construction

Monday, April 28, 2014


The destruction or is it the making,
 I can never understand.
To be judged? Normal.
 To be watched? Normal.
Spoken of?
Chastised? Everyone gets their turn
When do you ever win?
This challenge
What is the highest score?
I do not know!
Money? Never enough!
Success?  Overrated!
They say….
Ambition? Overwhelmingly normal,
Hearts?  Crushed to pulp
Trust, earned with all above
Friends, non-existent philosophy
Skeptic? Indefinitely!!!

What is all this fuss?
Challenge! You quip!!!
You take it, run with it, try it out!!!
Start over, tens of millions of quests
Isn’t it exciting!!!
You say…
It is that overdressed futility
Sashaying her hips
Lulling you on her breasts

Towards your imminent failure!