Tuesday, December 2, 2014



It's almost over now
One more pull
Smoke curls up 
These bright things swoosh past 
Shooting stars below

It's almost done now
Strangers in gaze 
As lights rotate colors 
And dance up ahead 

Nearly there now 
They push and shove 
Throwing coins at Buddha 
As He, will bless them 
Crooks, chinks, apes all alike 
Sat in this monsters belly 
Hearing the crackling from theirs mouths 
As a familiar stench wafts about 
Two more or is it four stops 
I can not tell

These heathen roads do not take me home  

Solange- Under Construction

Monday, April 28, 2014


The destruction or is it the making,
 I can never understand.
To be judged? Normal.
 To be watched? Normal.
Spoken of?
Chastised? Everyone gets their turn
When do you ever win?
This challenge
What is the highest score?
I do not know!
Money? Never enough!
Success?  Overrated!
They say….
Ambition? Overwhelmingly normal,
Hearts?  Crushed to pulp
Trust, earned with all above
Friends, non-existent philosophy
Skeptic? Indefinitely!!!

What is all this fuss?
Challenge! You quip!!!
You take it, run with it, try it out!!!
Start over, tens of millions of quests
Isn’t it exciting!!!
You say…
It is that overdressed futility
Sashaying her hips
Lulling you on her breasts

Towards your imminent failure!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Glistening in The Morning Dew

Misfiring hormones turned into delusion,
The mind with all its limits,
Converses in tattle tales;
Fooling the heart,
To think,
It can,
Mesmerizes itself, with;
In that,
All that,
Is a passing.
That the physical
Is a front for trickery?
And that man,
A Man is a lover.
Adaptation I smirk,
If only all understood
What happiness is…

Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Ode to a Friend

Like a moth without light
He left unpersuaded,
Grated against the banks time,
Drowned in embrace of change,
Knowing he has to exist.

He jeered taunts to the future,
Challenged the past,
Spoke in the present,
This place was not his to stay.

The moth he was,
He, journeyed on,
In these foreign lands,
He slept;
Amongst cherry blossoms and bald black thorns,
Crippled by contradiction,
He sang to the wind, it blew
And he went.

An idealist? Rarely;
He read of existentiality,
The practical,
The subject,
The heart,
The people,
He was not conflicted,
Never was he a tortured soul,
Harnessed by reckless words, fawning nor smoke.

He knew his purpose,
And he left this place,
To those keen to serve in blindness.

We  acknowledge our temporary existence, however, we celebrate our lasting connection, i will always remember you old friend...

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Last

I do not want bitter to be a lasting taste in my mouth, it’s hard when you feel  like a deer struck by car with blinding lights, I lie spun, guts ripped, the sky open, clear, starry, my destiny fled, enveloped by the up-high abyss. Helpless, tire marked, this blood seeps, seeps, away, prying its way through and to the under, the compost, the lost, the forgotten, my bloods pours through, to the other side, the end. The engine awakes raves and stops, raves again, trying to pull away, trying figure out, that, which has just ended, stopped in its tracks! Cold the world maybe but death is acknowledged by involuntary open stares. Eyes wince and blur, limbs stray; unaccounted for, the heart slows, the driver convinced, brighter the night burns, with one roar, shrouded silence remains. In that moment, I think, I do not want bitter to be the last thing I feel in this life. 

Of the Fallen one

Metamorphosis of the fallen one
He says there is an urge
A calling within him
To do better
To be a man

The fallen one has looked to the sky
He says there is a need
Inside him somewhere to change
A want he cannot resist
As he lays in the car seat next to me
His face screams with pain

This fallen one on his knees
He prays for the new day
An advent in Christ he wants to be
He has seen his ways
In the midst of his turmoil’s and ulcers
His brain boils
A hundred percent degrees above normal
His skin breaks off
He shape shifts
With a halo

The fallen one I cannot see anymore
No longer in my car seat talking to me
No longer telling me to wait
For a love unfulfilled
Just his words
His guitar he strums
His tears burn my skin
No more shall he love
His eyes are not his

This alternation in person
He floats around undecided in heart
His language modified, he has become “I”
Not us, not we, not anything
He is the one that is flying around

But oh how he falls
Swirling faster and faster to the ground, he falls
A drink in hand, a prostitute’s baby he nurses
He has fallen once more
I cannot save him
Now he rolls on the floor
Gnashing his teeth
Seeing hell’s door he smiles
He slams it
Gets up again, there is a change
A moment he has come to
Lucifer he has known well
Not today he says, not anymore
His eyes stark wide he keeps looking
Past and beyond me
Not here anymore

A change within him has come
He has to face it alone
My hand he lets go
The fallen one
He is gone
A change has taken over
What it means, what it meant?
I am not sure.